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Some light for your wrists..

January 20, 2017

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Custom Pearl Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

October 1, 2015

Chad and Sarah came in after two previous jewelers had over-promised and under-delivered. They were frustrated, stuck with a ring they did not like, and running out of time…┬átheir wedding was just six weeks away.

They requested a pearl in the center of a custom designed yellow gold swirl of diamonds, and provided a couple of photos for inspiration. We delivered the ring today, just two days before their wedding, and they were relieved and ecstatic with the end result. We’re so happy we could help… and congratulations!


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Just a few romantic necklaces…

August 1, 2014

The ideal gift for a big (or little?) anniversary, a gold necklace is a surefire way to say “I love you. Like, a lot.”

You can always browse our selection of vintage necklaces on Etsy, and keep in mind it’s growing every day!

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Latest Arrivals: Earrings and Bracelets and Rings, oh my!

June 27, 2014

These guys have all come into the store in the past week, and can be viewed either at our West End location or purchased at our Etsy shop.

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