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Some new vintage pieces! (including Georg Jensen & Tiffany and Co.)

June 30, 2016

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Custom Made Men’s Wedding Band

March 17, 2015

We take care of the menfolk, too. We recently made this men’s wedding band in 18K yellow gold, with a custom cut shield shaped ruby gypsy set into the band.

Custom 18K yellow gold men's wedding band with shield cut ruby.

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May’s Birthstone – The Emerald

May 1, 2014

So, we pretty much think that emeralds are among the most beautiful things the earth has ever created. Known for their rich and sensual color, these green gems even have a pretty word for their natural “flaws,” jardin, which is the French for “garden,” because the inclusions tend to resemble plant foliage.

We hope you enjoy this choice selection of our fine emerald jewelry.

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Custom Pink Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Band

April 26, 2014

Carrie, one of our favorite long time friends and customers, is getting married in May. Her fiancé, Dan, had a lovely engagement ring made in New York, incorporating a family stone. For the wedding band, though, Carrie had her own ideas.

Having given a lot of thought to the idea, she approached us in February of 2014 and gave us a short list of requirements for her wedding band. She wanted it 3mm in width (the same as the band of her engagement ring), she wanted it to be 18K yellow gold, she wanted it to have pale pink stones with diamonds, and she wanted it to look free-flowing and interesting. The last thing she wanted was for her band to look like a “rigid, straight line.”

We met with our designer and, bearing Carrie’s requests in mind, came up with what you see now. A custom made 18K yellow gold band, 3mm in width, with pale pink sapphires and diamonds of various sizes.

Carrie came in at the beginning of April, picked up the ring, and fell in love. We got a message from her a week later that said, “I’m in love with my ring! It’s so pretty. You made all my dreams come trueeeee!”

Hall and Oates would be so proud.

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