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Emeralds, Emeralds, and more Emeralds!

February 25, 2017

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A New Life for Grandma’s Art Deco Brooch

October 4, 2016

Trust me, we hated to break this up — but seeing the face of the client when she was presented with her rings eased the pain. Pieces of grandma’s beautiful Art Deco emerald and diamond brooch can now be found on three of her granddaughters’ fingers.

Repurposing Grandma's diamond and emerald brooch.

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May’s Birthstone – The Emerald

May 1, 2014

So, we pretty much think that emeralds are among the most beautiful things the earth has ever created. Known for their rich and sensual color, these green gems even have a pretty word for their natural “flaws,” jardin, which is the French for “garden,” because the inclusions tend to resemble plant foliage.

We hope you enjoy this choice selection of our fine emerald jewelry.

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