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Nakamol Beaded Necklace

Design by Nakamol. This five-strand beaded necklace is beautiful, eye catching, and easy to wear.


Nakamol Flower Bracelet

Design by Nakamol. This large, stunning bracelet is made of cotton wrapped brass and is adorned with a stone, pearl, and crystal flower cluster. Size flexible.



Nakamol Flower of Pearl

Design by Nakamol. You won’t believe this. This beautiful necklace is made of mother of pearl, Chinese freshwater pearl, and crystal. Practically demands attention without screaming for it.



Nakamol Pearl and Beads

Design by Nakamol. Quite a stunning, large ring with beautiful pearls surrounded by small silver beads.


Nakamol Pearl and Wire Bracelet

Design by Nakamol. This leather bracelet features pearls wrapped with wire completely around the band. Beautiful, simple, and expertly made.


Nakamol Pearl Flower

Design by Nakamol. Double layer wire pearl flower. Available in various pearl and wire colors. Absolutely gorgeous!


Nakamol Pearl Wrap Bracelet

Design by Nakamol. This leather and pearl studded wrap bracelet fits beautifully around the wrist. A beautiful combination of casual class.



Nakamol Stone and Wire

Design by Nakamol. Beautiful wrapped wire ring adorned by large stone. Available in the two styles (silver & black stone / gold & purple stone) pictured here. These are “size flexible.”


Nakamol Three Wire Pendants

Design by Nakamol. Three pendants made beautifully of wire are hung staggered from a silver chain.


Nakamol Wire Wrapped Pearls

Design by Nakamol. Gold wire wrap ring, with beautiful purple pearl beads strung through the top.


Nakamol Wire Wrapped Stones

Design by Nakamol. This low hanging necklace shows off three beautiful, blood orange stones held in place by chain and wire.

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