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Amethyst and Australian Blue Opal Ring – Sterling Silver

This beautiful, dainty ring is made of sterling silver and has two square cut Australian blue opal set into each side of the shank. The stone, a round cut purple amethyst, measures 3.9mm wide.

Size 6, but can be sized.


Assorted Rings


1. $17 – Size 7.
2. $23 – Size 7.
3. $20 – Size 6.
4. $28 – Size 5.
5. $23 – Size 7.

Price: $56.00

Bora Lemon Citrine and Sterling

Handcrafted design by Bora. Lemon citrine, crystal and sterling silver ring. Bulky without being too heavy, and absolutely beautiful. Size 7.


Bora Madagascar Ruby

Beautifully handcrafted sterling silver ring. Shaped like a swan with a large Madagascar ruby in the clutches of its tail feather. Size 7.75.



Bora Pearl Vermeil Ring

Beautiful from Bora. Handcrafted vermeil and pearl ring. Meant to look ancient, it’s actually brand new. Size 6.



Bora Pillow Ring

Handcrafted by Bora. Oxidized and graffiti’d sterling silver ring. Is it a tornado, is it Casper the Friendly Ghost? We don’t really know. All we know is it’s pretty. Size 8.


Bora Ruby Ring

Handcrafted sterling silver and ruby ring by Bora. Generously sized ruby in the center flanked by two chunks of silver. Size 7.


Bora Sapphire Vermeil Ring

Beautiful from Bora. Handcrafted vermeil and sapphire ring. Meant to look ancient, it’s actually brand new. Size 6.25.



Boulder Opal and Silver

Absolutely beautiful boulder opal set atop a silver ring.


Crystal Chunk Ring

Made from a beautiful chunk of drusy quartz. Size 7.


Egyptian Themed Sterling Silver Ring

For the Egyptophiles out there! Topped by a sterling scarab, the shanks of this ring are ornamented with ankhs. Beautiful.

Size 5.25, but can be easily sized.



Fire Opal Gold and Silver

A stunning fire opal set in 22k gold, mounted atop an ornate sterling setting.


Gold and Stone Rings

Beautiful gold overlay with either a teardrop crystal or an oval orange stone.


Large Tibetan Turquoise Chunk Ring – Sterling Silver – Engraved

A very large, very fine piece of Tibetan turquoise is prong set into a beautiful engraved Tibetan sterling silver mount. On each side of the basket, above the shank, a small turquoise bead is bezel set into the mounting.

Size 7.5, but can be sized.


Lemon Citrine on Silver and Gold

Beautiful lemon citrine mounted in a 22k yellow gold and sterling silver ring.


Nakamol Pearl and Beads

Design by Nakamol. Quite a stunning, large ring with beautiful pearls surrounded by small silver beads.


Nakamol Pearl Flower

Design by Nakamol. Double layer wire pearl flower. Available in various pearl and wire colors. Absolutely gorgeous!


Nakamol Stone and Wire

Design by Nakamol. Beautiful wrapped wire ring adorned by large stone. Available in the two styles (silver & black stone / gold & purple stone) pictured here. These are “size flexible.”


Nakamol Wire Wrapped Pearls

Design by Nakamol. Gold wire wrap ring, with beautiful purple pearl beads strung through the top.


Oxidized Silver and Amethyst Ring

Size 5.5.


Silver and Turquoise Ring (Crystal Center)

Beautiful and hand crafted. Size 7.

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