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“I’m Saving for…” Banks

Piggy banks for the skeptical, jaded, or just plain bitter. Available in “I’m saving up for a little baby!” “I’m saving up for my dream wedding!” “I’m saving up for a rich husband!”, and the gay friendly – yet unphotographed – “I’m saving up for a trip to Fire Island!”



For the rare occasion when it just feels right to get down on one knee and say, “Honey, will you have a cup of coffee with me?”


Carpe Diem

Seize the bath! Fun bath time toy for kids of all ages.


Crankshaft Music Box

These small, charming crankshaft music boxes are just precious. They’re entirely made of metal and are available as “If I Only Had a Brain,” “My Funny Valentine,” and “Happy Birthday.”


Emergency Yodel Button

Yodel-ay-heelarious! A great comedic stress reliever for the office, kitchen, or anywhere stress tends to show itself.


Grape Wine Stopper

Gorgeous stainless steel and pewter wine bottle stopped topped by an enamel and crystal bunch of red grapes with ladybugs. Height approx: 2″.


Holy Toast!

This all purpose, miracle granting, bread stamping toaster insert is sure to dazzle even the most skeptical of non-believers. You’ll never have to eat breakfast alone again.


Jesus Shaves Mug

This popular mug is back! “Jesus Saves/Jesus Shaves” has gotten a lot of attention this year. When hot liquid is poured into the mug, Jesus’s beard miraculously disappears… only to reappear when things cool down. Turns a good cup of coffee into a DIVINE cup of coffee!



Panic Buttons

How many ways are there to scream “PANIC!” ? At last count, two… both involve pushing a button. The first screams, “PANIC!” and the second invokes the soft meow of a cat.


Squirrel Underpants

Is it just us, or do you think it’s incredibly rude and grossly inappropriate that squirrels run around our neighborhoods unclothed and unpunished for it? Invest in the future of your children’s morality. Purchase undergarments for these randy little creatures.


Stylish Mustache Kit

Are you one of those types who likes to regularly change his look? LOOK NO FURTHER! With this stylish mustache kit, you get a new ‘stache every day… you can’t put a price on that. Oh wait, yes you can.


Tennnessee Iris Wine Stopper

Beautiful stainless steel and pewter wine stopper topped by an enamel and crystal Tennessee Iris. Height approx: 2″.


Tentacle Mustache

With the economy in its current state, a refined gentleman can no longer afford to regularly groom his mustache. So what does he do? He buys his mustache!…  And sometimes he strikes 8 legged gold.


Tissue Noir

Dry those crocodile tears. We all know you have feelings. Time to wear them on your sleeve (your faaaavorite!!). Your friends have a right to know…”I’m not just sad. I’m DEPRESSED.”


Trick of the Day

For the child within, Li’l Devil’s Daily Tricks. Pull a different prank every day of the week AND alienate as many of your friends as possible.


Underpants Bandages

Got a wound you’re just terribly ashamed of? Hide your shame! Latex-free underpants bandages. Because it’s just classy.


Wine Monkey

This party monkey keeps your reds warm and your whites cool… and better yet, he’s always invited to the party!


Zombie Statue

The scarecrow is out. The zombie is in. This year-round lawn-slash-kitchen-slash-bathroom-slash-empty corner decoration keeps crows, pests, and house guests at a safe distance.

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