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18 karat Pearl & Diamond Pendant

18 karat yellow gold, silver, pearl, and diamond pendant.


Amethyst Brooch

Silver, crystal, and vermeil brooch featuring a large  emerald cut amethyst.


Belle Époque Enamel, 10K Yellow Gold, and Pearl Pendant

An absolute gem of a pendant.

This French Belle Epoque pendant was made in the 1890’s. It’s 10K yellow gold, and extraordinarily delicate. The flower itself is covered in purple enamel, with the leaves below masterfully colored in a gradient of green enamel.

It’s adorned with seed pearls, and a Tennessee dogtooth pearl is suspended at the bottom.

Chain is included. From top to bottom, this pendant measures 1″ in length.


Black Heart Pendant

Beautiful sterling silver heart pendant with .55 ct of black diamonds.



Carousel Charm

This incredible charm is made of 14 karat yellow gold and is adorned with pearls and rubies..



Carriage Charm

This gorgeous carriage charm is made of 18 karat yellow gold, enamel, and amethyst.


Citrine and Gold Brooch

14 karat gold and citrine pendant from the 1850’s.


Diamond and Ruby Cross Pendant

This small and beautiful cross pendant is made of 14 karat white gold (1.23 g) and features 6 rubies weighing .41 carat, and 5 diamonds weighing .18 carat.


Edwardian Diamond and Ruby Pin/Pendant

Beautiful Edwardian pin/pendant in 18 karat yellow gold and platinum.


Emerald and Dolphins

1.9g 14K yellow gold with .51ct emerald.


Enamel Butterfly Pendant

Stunning gold, enamel, ruby, and pearl butterfly pendant.


Pearl Pendant

Beautiful pearl, 14 karat white gold, and diamond pendant.


Putti and Amorini

Beautiful putti/amorini pendants, made of oxidized silver and 18 karat vermeil. God’s merry band of toddling musicians, sure to make your heart go putti-pat.


Sardonyx, Gold and Pearl Mourning Piece

Beautiful and intricately fashioned pearl star inlaid on a pendant carved of a single piece of banded agate (Sardonyx).

The reverse contains a hair or photo receiver. The bale is inlaid with pearls.

This is a truly special example of Victorian mourning jewelry in pristine condition.


South Sea Pearl

Beautiful, large south sea pearl with diamond and filigree.


Sterling & Diamond Anchor Pendant

Beautiful sterling silver pendant with a diamond anchor weighing .10 ct.


Victorian Gold Locket Fob

Beautiful locket made of 18k gold.


Victorian Locket


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